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Located in Sydney, ANCIF has established a reputation for providing outstanding training in data analysis and IT skills for data scientists working in academia, business, non-profit organizations, and government.

ANCIF provides extensive data analysis courses that cover a wide range of topics in statistics, data science, sas programming. Moreover, ANCIF also provides coding courses including programming, .net development, Java development, web development and information security. Many of our courses are on topics that are often not included in graduate curricula, like missing data and propensity score methods. Trying to learn methods like these on your own can be a real challenge. Our courses are designed to help busy professionals who want to learn the latest statistical methods in an efficient, effective and affordable way.

Our instructors are the best in the business. They are all well-known experts in their areas of interest, and they are also great teachers. They excel at making data analysis interesting, comprehensible, and enjoyable, even for those without a heavy-duty math background. The majority of our courses are conveniently located in Sydney CBD. But we also offer courses in Melbourne, Brisbane as well. ANCIF became a limited liability company in 2016.


About Our Founder

IT Finance Training Expert

ANCIF was founded in 2008 by Dr. Alex Dong, Ph.D. Dr. Alex Dong first began teaching public short courses on statistics application in 2009, and he has continued to offer that course every year since then. In 2012 he began offering a public course on Categorical Data Analysis. In 2013, he added Missing Data to the course roster.

More recent additions include the collaboration of statistics with data mining to full fill the new technology scenario such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. Statistics and data mining are two branches in data analysis. In particular, statistics is widely used in economy and data mining is widely used in science. This situation is changing quickly. Based on the big data background, more and more economy problems need data mining knowledge to assist as well.

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Our courses are built in partnership with technology leaders and are relevant to industry needs.
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